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Placing an Order with Shopper Maniac ©
1. Please browse through UTP convofair10 © website and select your favourite items.
2. Select the Size and accordingly to your measurement
3. Notify us by giving your full name, address, phone number, code, and size to / fill in the order form click here
4. Please ensure your shipping address is correct before proceeding to the next step. 
5. Once we reply the availibility of the product, by using CIMB clicks or other method does, please make a payment to account number that we reply to you later on

6. Please make 50% of the payment strictly within 3 days

7. The remaining 50% must be paid upon the availibility of the items

8. Postage fee for first 500 g : RM7.00
9. Please upload your proof of payment by submit it to
10. Please wait for our payment received notification once your payment has been verified by us.
11. You items will reach your doorsteps within a few days after delivery date

12. Any inquiries do contact: AKMAL (013-499 1747) || ATIQI (017-972 2840) || NISA (019-345 9897)


Anonymous said...

macam mne nk bwat bayaran??

Anonymous said...

how we want to know it wheAther already approve???

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