INTELLECTUAL CONVENTION with the theme “Cultivating Intellectual Mind : We Care” is one of the best initiatives taken by Student Representative Council of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS 2009/2010 (SRCUTP) in collaboration with Convofair 2010 Secretariat to enhance intellectual environment among UTP students as well as community surrounding.

The main focus of this convention is to develop sensitivity towards national and global issues among students. One of the major problems faced by nation nowadays is the attitude of the university students whom they are reluctant to involve actively or take care of what is happening around them. Therefore, this convention will give the opportunity for the invited prominent speakers to share their ideas, opinion and experience through paperwork presentation on selected issues or topics so that the new generation will have an open mind and inspiration to lead the nation in future .

Date : 3rd October 2010

Target participants : 200 student leaders from northern Malaysia university

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